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Sleeping Bear
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Re: Fishing in English for furriners- topic

Viesti Kirjoittaja Sleeping Bear » 23:37:56 12.07.2011

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I'm going to Jäppilä for fishing this August together with two of my buddies. Our accomodation is on a small island at lake Syvänsi. We are not very experienced fishers, but we don't wanna get back to Switzerland just with a headache because of the cider/beer and without a catch :wink:
Does somebody knows this area and can give me some tipps. Target: Perch, pikeperch (zander) and pike.

We do have a boat with outboard engine.

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Re: Fishing in English for furriners- topic

Viesti Kirjoittaja Samtheman » 10:46:50 13.07.2011

I don't know the lake where you're going, but something I could help with...

Are those 3 existing in the lake? And what time of august you are going there? Summer turns to autumn in august, and season is changing...
Zander and pike are easiest to catch by trolling. Most common way is to use 9-15cm wobblers, merimetso and jesse being probably the most famous ones. If waters are warm, and the day has been warm, you can catch zander from surface. Daytime (and usually) you should use some kind of weight on line (20-80g.). Fishfinder would help a lot, if you can get it or bring a portable one by yourself. Normal fishing depth is +- 10 meters, depending on lake... And don't go too fast!
Casting is also an option, rubber worms are most used, I think. More or less daytime activity.

Perch you can catch with spinners, small wobblers (3-5cm) and rubber worms. Or with line+hook+floater+worm-combination (traditional way!) or using ice-fishing "rod" with a small "jig".

Hopefully somebody here knows the lake better...
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Re: Fishing in English for furriners- topic

Viesti Kirjoittaja savolax » 11:23:27 13.07.2011

Altough I live quite nearby in Varkaus I haven't visited the lake. I guess the common fishes: perch, zander and pike can be found in this lake also. With a little browsing I found this information about what fish they have put in the lake:
Rissalan osk Syvänsi 4.10.2010 Harjus 1 200kpl
Rissalan osk Syvänsi, Hiidenlahti 15.5.2010 Planktonsiika 10 000kpl
Syvänsin hoitokunta Syvänsi, Hiekkaranta 29.9.2010 Planktonsiika 2 050kpl
Syvänsin hoitokunta Syvänsi, Vitikkaniemi 29.9.2010 Planktonsiika 2 050kpl


Greyling and whitefish might be quite difficult to catch without using a net. But You never know, small wobbler, small spinner or fly in correct place may do the trick.

Traditional real worm in the hook with a float is the most reliable way to catch perch.

For zander and pike trolling Bomber is quite popular in this area. Popularity is based on the fact that it works for those predatory fishes well. In spoons silver-copper and silver-brass are well working combinations.
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