This can be very useful when using new gear

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This can be very useful when using new gear

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You can move spells, equipment, and prayers (including the quick prayer button for )... almost anything). Food items you consume through the action bar will keep removing food from your inventory until you're out that food type; same for RuneScape Gold potions. We're redesigning the spellbook to make it more intuitive and also to include specific abilities for combat into the ability book.

We also have enhanced the display of weapon statistics. A tooltip will appear whenever you hover over an item or piece of equipment. It will provide details about its stats as well as colour-coding any modifications to your combat stats. This can be very useful when using new gear.

We are also changing how the levels of combat are calculated. The current design of 138 maximum will be scrapped and replaced by a simpler calculation that is 2 + Defense level = = Combat level. (X) = Your most advanced level in Magical, Ranged Attack, or Strength stat. This is the latest maximum level of combat 200

The change is implemented because it's confusing and complicated for both new and old players to work out their Combat level. We are eliminating any impact of the Summoning, Prayer, Constitution and Constitution levels on your Combat Level. They have a clear and desirable impact. However, trying to reflect that in Combat level calculations is complicated and is not necessary.

Encouraging challenging fights. This is one of the most important areas for improvement with the Evolution of Combat update. We are changing the balance of all NPCs in PvE combat to make them more compatible with players of Buy OSRS Fire Cape a similar skill levels. This involves providing NPCs ranged and magic attacks in order to position them on the combat triangular.