Jagex has caused every account in runescape

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Jagex has caused every account in runescape

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I only take the blue charms (3 from steel and 2 from irons at the same time) Other charms will not be identified. Note If the monsters are at an extremely very high level of lvl and RuneScape gold I accept your request, I may make use of magic. At that time any cash donations or runes to make the log of drops as well as to finish the request, will be appreciated to speed up the log. PPS: Dragons take loads of time and money, so this is why they are only' 200. We hope it's a bit of a usefull resource!

My stake account could make me around 1 million per 2 hour a month back. It was a good time for a time. There were people who tried to scam you with a crossbow or sling (but it would be ok because you have the sling and crossbow), you'd have people with poor statistics, and you'd see boxers who vastly underestimate their own abilities, but overall it was cool. You made money. Your opponents called you a hacker. It was a good life.

Today, I find it difficult to find someone willing to stake. Today, I earned 40k. I had just one person who was willing to stake me and he was even fifteen levels better than me. Everyone else is obsessed with friendlying, possibly because they're so eager to get those hat things that do absolutely nothing except make you look silly and give you an emoticon.

People even make a living by "sellingkillings. This is something I find more annoying than advertising accounts. From this I can conclusively say that...

Jagex has caused every account in runescape to be broken, with the exception of mine. Is there another reason for why nearly nobody stakes? It's unbelievable and amazing that there is a hidden ability in the hats that almost nobody knows about but hasn't bothered to tell me. It is worthwhile to put in the effort and mind-numbing repetitions required to get them. If this goes on for another month, I might seriously think about quitting rs. Dear fellow scapers, I want to buy old school runescape gold understand why this is happening.